PDF Annotations

Any PDF in your resource list can be annotated by the instructor and students in your class. 

Students and Faculty can make notes, highlight or draw shapes around content in the PDF, and search within notes. Public notes allow others to read and respond to other annotations.

Private and Public Annotations

As the instructor, for each citation on your reading list with an attached PDF, you can choose to enable or disable public annotations. To view the PDF and annotate it, click "View".

view PDF to annotate and set public or private

Public annotations will allow anyone in the class to see the annotation and post replies to annotations. Private annotations will only be seen by the creator. The student can choose whether their comment should be private or public before posting.posting private or public annotations

Public annotations can be threaded and replied to.

Reply to an annotation in the document

Longevity of Annotations

Annotations are connected to a specific course. So if you reuse your reading list again in a future course, old annotations will not be retained.