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If you are looking for a book, journal article or another information source that our Library does not own, we can borrow it for you from another library — anywhere in the world, and usually for free. Items will either be scanned and emailed to you, or mailed to the library for you to pickup. The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is available to all current University of Windsor students, faculty members, and staff.
 Print items: Try Omni first. Using Omni, you can search for print items (e.g., books) at 14 Ontario university libraries and make requests right there. If you can't find what you need from Omni, try RACER next. Sign-in to Omni with your UWinID to get started.

 Electronic (and print) items: Use RACER to make requests for electronic journal articles and book chapters from libraries across the world. You can also request print materials that aren't available from Omni. Register for a separate RACER account to get started.
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Search and order books from other Ontario Universities.
RACER logo in orange
Request articles, books, and chapters through RACER.
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Register for a RACER account using your UWinCARD.

 How to Place Requests

Request a print item with Omni

To request a print book from other Ontario university libraries using Omni, you will need to:

  1. Go to Omni
  2. Use the "UWindsor Libraries & Omni Libraries" search scope in the search box
  3. Search using keywords to find your print item
  4. Login to your account with your UWin Account
  5. Click on the title to open the record
  6. Choose the "Request" option and fill out the form
  7. Submit the request!
Request electronic and print items with RACER

To use RACER to request an electronic resource (such as an article or digitized book chapter) or a print book not available from Omni, you will need to:

  1. Create a dedicated RACER account, if you do not have one already
  2. Select the "Article Request" or "Book or Chapter Request" button
  3. Fill out the form with the item's reference details
  4. Submit the request!

Frequently Asked Questions

Omni or RACER – Which service do I choose? 

Use Omni for print books or physical items. If your book can't be located in Omni, move on to RACER.

Use RACER for all electronic resource requests and for any print resources that you can't locate in Omni.

How much does this cost me? 

Leddy Library subsidizes the cost of the vast majority of requests and there is no cost to the end-user. In special cases, the cost to borrow an item may exceed the amount that we can subsidize. In this case, you will be notified about the cost before we place the request.

I forgot my user ID or password 

Omni uses your UWin Account. If you are having trouble logging-in, use the Campus IT website to manage your account.

Your RACER account is independent of other University of Windsor accounts. Most accounts have the following credentials:

User ID: 14-digit barcode on the back of your UWinCARD
Password: Selected by you when you created your RACER account

We can help you reset your RACER password if you forget it, or if you are experiencing problems with your account. Talk to us at 519-253-3000 x3195, or by email at RACER@uwindsor.ca.

Can I request a textbook for my class?

Generally, textbooks are not lendable by other libraries, and therefore cannot usually be ordered through Interlibrary Loan. Check to see if the Library has the textbook through our Course Resources and Reserves, or contact your subject librarian.

Interlibrary Loan Policies and Loan Periods

Loan Period120 Days6 weeks 
RenewalsUnlimited 1 Renewal
Print DeliveryInformation Desk: 
Average of 7-10 days for items mailed from Omni libraries.
Information Desk: 
1-2 weeks for items mailed from Canadian libraries, and 2-4 weeks for items mailed from U.S. libraries
Electronic DeliveryN/AJournal articles and digitized materials such as book chapters will be delivered by email. Scanned items will arrive in approximately 3-5 business days.
Account LoginUWin AccountRACER ID and Password. User must create account.
Lost item Charge$125.00 + Processing Charge. Users have 30 days to return materials that are overdue to a Fulfillment Network partner before the item is declared lost. Contact leddylibrary@uwindsor.ca 
Late Recall Charge

Materials recalled must be returned to a Fulfillment Network partner within 7 days for routing to the home institution. Following the 7-day period, fines of $4.00 per day will be assessed to a maximum of $56. Fines for media will be assessed at $10 per day with a maximum fine of $100. 

Patrons will be given 14 days to return recalled material before the item is declared lost. 

Lost Book BandN/A$ 5.00

Questions? Talk to us!

Email: RACER@uwindsor.ca
Phone: 519-253-3000 x 3195
Send us a message