Our Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

The mission of the Leddy Library is to facilitate and transform learning, research, and teaching by connecting communities, within and beyond the university, to global knowledge in a welcoming environment. 

The Vision

The Leddy Library is a thriving and progressive campus hub recognized as a valued partner in our communities’ success and as a catalyst for and a contributor to the University’s research and creative activity.


We are committed to working together with our campus community to achieve our common goals.

We are committed to treating everyone with respect and fostering a culture of mutual understanding, inclusivity, diversity, and collegiality.

We are committed to implementing creative and responsive approaches to meet the needs of our community. 

We are committed to respecting an individual’s right to privacy and to seek and receive information without prejudice.

We are committed to the responsible care, preservation, and dissemination of the information and resources entrusted to us.

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