Centre for Digital Scholarship

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The Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDigS) supports the Leddy Library’s digital scholarship services and offers collaborative opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to imagine, develop, share, facilitate, and promote their research in new and innovative ways.

CDigS values hands-on exploration, curiosity, and the interdisciplinary nature of research. We believe in the importance of open access scholarship. To this end, we collaborate with faculty research, support classroom and student projects, and partner with community groups.

Working with Leddy Library partners including the Academic Data Centre, Archives and Special Collections, and the Southwestern Ontario Digital Archive (SWODA), CDigS facilitates creative and stable means of knowledge preservation, mobilization, and dissemination. Please explore our various exhibitions and services to see examples of work we’ve done.

Please connect with us (CDigS@uwindsor.ca) about potential research, teaching, or community collaborations.

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