Scholarship and Publishing

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Scholarly communication is an ongoing process that involves the creation, evaluation, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge related to teaching, research, and scholarship.
The Library is here to support you in understanding and navigating the evolving landscape of scholarly communications. Libraries engage directly with publishers and the wider scholarly publishing community and are well-positioned to share valuable insights on research discovery and dissemination strategies. Find information and services on Open Access, research metrics and your scholarly profile, and how we’re working with researchers, publishers, and other academic libraries to make research immediately and freely available to all.

Workshop: Navigating article publishing charges: From fee to free: Watch the recording
Make your research Open Access and increase its visibility, impact, and reach
Explore the latest trends shaping scholarly communications, such as Open Access journal publishing business models and predatory & deceptive publishing
Maximize your research impact by utilizing author identifiers, like ORCID, and understanding research metrics
Publish a journal, book, or conference proceedings with our Library Open Publishing Service

Some content has been adapted from the University of Ottawa Library and the University of British Columbia Library, to whom we are very grateful. Except for images, content in this section is published with a CC-BY-SA license.

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