Library Instruction

For more information on the Information Literacy Programme, or to book an Information Literacy session, please contact your librarian subject specialist.

If you wish to book course-integrated library instruction, we recommend the following:

  • Link the session to a class research assignment. This increases the relevance of the session for students and allows them to put new skills into practice immediately, for maximum retention of searching concepts
  • When possible, consult with a librarian when designing the research assignment. They can keep you up to date on new tools and/or changes in the Library that may have an impact on your assignment
  • Schedule the session during class time. Sessions arranged outside of class time tend to be poorly attended. Also, when booking a session with a librarian, a minimum of two weeks notice is required, particularly during busy times in the fall term
  • Send the librarian who will teach your class your final draft of the assignment and a copy of your syllabus. We design each session individually and the more we know about your course content, the more we can tailor the session to your needs.
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