Message from the University Librarian

A photo of Selinda Berg at the Leddy Library
Dr. Selinda Berg, University Librarian

Welcome to the Leddy Library at the University of Windsor.

Home to the best study spots on campus, including the new Student Research Collaboratory, the Leddy Library is proud to offer a variety of services to enhance the student learning experience and support the academic mission of the University.

The Leddy Library is home to an extensive and diverse collection of academic resources, providing a wide range of physical and electronic resources to support learning, research, and discovery.

In addition to our own collection, the library’s extended partnerships foster resource sharing across multiple institutions that allow our students and faculty to access material held at libraries across Canada and around the world.

Located in the heart of campus with a panoramic view of the Ambassador Bridge, the library is uniquely situated to serve as a hub for the university and the community of Windsor. Whether you prefer to study solo or with a group, the library offers multiple spaces conducive to suit your needs with a team of experts in proximity ready to assist with a variety of research supports.

Our talented, creative, and innovative team at the Leddy Library are committed to strengthening the learning and research initiatives on campus and actively collaborate with campus and community partners to collectively support the success of our students, faculty, and alumni.

Whether you are a new student just beginning your academic journey, or an experienced scholar exploring open-access publishing supports, the Leddy Library’s dedicated team of information specialists are available to connect you with the resources and expertise you need to support your academic endeavors.

I encourage you to explore both our physical and digital library and take advantage of everything the Leddy Library has to offer. Our team of librarians and experts are ready to help. Visit us in person, chat with us via our website and social media channels, call or email.

Selinda Berg, PhD MLIS
University Librarian

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