Tech Accessories Available for Loan

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In addition to laptop lending, we have a variety of tech accessories available for short-term loan at the Information Desk. Forgot a charger for your phone? Need a portable battery to plug in while studying? We got you covered! 

We can also lend basic office supplies such as scissors and hole punches.

Fines and Fees

Please note all accessories should be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed. This includes returning all parts included. A failure to do so will result in an item replacement fine to your account.

You will be assessed a lost item replacement charge for lost accessories.

Fines Appeal Process

Fines may be appealed, with good reason, to the following persons in the order given:
  • Access Services Coordinator
  • Head, Access Services (in writing only)
  • Associate University Librarian / University Librarian (in writing only)
  • Dean, Student Affairs (please contact the dean’s office for procedures)
Please note that the following are NOT acceptable reasons for appealing library fines.
  • Failing to receive reminder notices, either electronically or by mail
  • Failing to note due dates
  • Failing to renew on time
  • Failing to return items to a designated return area
  • Due dates which fall while the user is on vacation, or out of the local area
  • Lack of knowledge of library policies.


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