Create and Submit a Resource List

Once you've added the Library Resource List Tool Link in your Brightspace course site, you can create and submit your reading list to the library to process.

If you need help Read our guide below or watch our video walkthroughs.

Getting Started Guide

Launch Course Resource Lists and Provide Course Information

Open the module you added to your Brightspace course and then launch Course Resource Lists when prompted.

If this is the first time your course has been connected to Course Resource Lists, you'll be asked to provide the start/end date, department and to estimate the number of participants if possible.

Provide start and end dates for your course

Create a List, Upload a Document with Your List, or Roll Over an Existing List

You have 3 options:

  1. Create your Reading List from scratch: Build your own Reading List within our system. It's easy use and helps you discover and share new library resources. 
  2. Upload a document containing a Reading List: Send us a Word document with your list and we will create a list for you. If you need to use this list again in the future, you will be able to update it directly within the system.
  3. Roll over reading lists from an existing course: Reuse a Reading List from a previous term or connect a list you created in Leganto before receiving your LMS course site. 
3 options for submitting your list. Create from scratch, upload a file, roll over.
Create Sections to Organize Your list

Once you provide your course title you'll be prompted to create sections to organize and group your readings.

Provide the name for your course

You can add new sections at any time by selecting “New Section” in your list. New sections just need a title and optionally a description. Then hit “Create”.

Creating a new section and naming it

You can quickly reorder sections by enabling "Section View" and then dragging and dropping.

reorder sections in your list


Search and add Library Resources to a list

If you’ve created a list from scratch or you’re editing an existing list, there are a variety of ways to find and add content for your students. To add a new item to your list, click "ADD ITEMS +"

The first option is Library Search. This allows you to quickly find online and print resources to add to your list.

Select the method you'd like to use to upload a resource


In my search I found a book chapter I want to include in my list. I can just click the "Add" button to include it in my reading list in the Revoltion and War section.

Adding a book chapter with the add button
I can now see the book chapter I added in my list. Students can click "View Online" to read it!

Picture of a book added to my reading list
Personal Copies, file uploads, and links to websites

You can use the Blank Form or File Upload options to manually create a citation to add to your list. This is helpful when you want to upload a file, link to a non-library webpage, or when dropping off a personal copy of a book at the library.

When you add a new citation, just choose the “Blank Form” or "File Upload" option. 

You can fill out the bibliographic details for your resource and then indicate if this is a personal copy of a book you're sharing with us, upload a file, or add a link to the resource (use “Source” field for URLs).

Filling out bibliographic details using the blank form

If you’re sharing a personal copy of a book, just check the “Personal Copy” box to let us know. As always, if you have a personal item on your list that the library doesn’t own, you will need to drop it off at the library and indicate which course it is for.

If you're uploading a file to your record, you'll also be asked to indicate the copyright status of the item you are uploading. Please refer to campus fair dealing policy for more information.

copyright notice

Create a Digitization Request

The library can help you with scanning of course materials. If need to share a digital copy of a portion of a print item with your class, we can help you scan and share that work through your list. Just submit a digitization request!

It is important to note that any digital copying must comply with the campus copyright guidelines which enable us to copy up to 10% or 1 chapter of a work. If a request exceeds this amount, we can still provide alternatives.

(a) We submit a copyright clearance request and pay for any addition content requested if possible. (b) If this a frequently used item, we will investigate purchasing a multi-user digital copy of the work if available.

Add a citation for the item you want digitized to your list as before. After you’ve added your citation to the list click on the title of the citation and scroll down and select "Digitization Request". Tell us how many pages or which chapter you need scanned, then hit submit. Library staff will review your request.

requesting digitisation of a book

Add a resource from the web with Cite it!

Do you want to share something with your class from outside the library? You can use the Cite it! bookmark button to quickly add external websites, videos and almost anything available on the web to your resource list.

To install Cite it! Make sure your web browsers bookmarks toolbar is enabled and showing at the top of your screen.

Open the User Menu and click Cite it!

cite it menu

Drag & Drop the Cite It! Button wherever you’d like to place it into your bookmarks bar.

Drag and drop the Cite it! button to your toolbar.

When you’re viewing an external website just click Cite It! open the import tool that will add your citation to your list. Be sure to select the resource list you want it to appear in, and then "Add and Close".

adding a Ted Talk with Cite it!

Make sure you’re logged into your Course Resource List or Cite it! doesn’t work!

Done with you list? Send it to the library and publish it for your students

When you’re ready for us to review and process your list just choose “Library Review”

This will notify us that the list needs to be checked so that we can adjust the location of physical items requested, perform digitization, request copyright clearance if necessary, or purchase a digital or print version of texts as needed.

Hitting “Publish” in the reading list menu will make the list available to students. Hitting unpublish will remove the list from visibility. This will also send any items not yet processed to the library, You’ll notice a number of other helpful options in your list menu to check out.

Once the list is published its status will change from Draft to Published indicating that it will be visible to students.

Please note that if you publish the list prior to the library completing their work, any items that the library needs to work on (adjust the location of physical items requested, perform digitization, request copyright clearance if necessary, or purchase a digital or print version of texts as needed etc.) will not be complete. Links to electronic resources should be functional.

Once we have processed your list we will change the status to complete. You will also receive a notification of the status change. Leganto notifications will be bundled and sent once daily via email as well.

Video Walkthroughs

Create a Resource Lists in Leganto


Submit your Course Resource List to the library for processing and publishing


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