FAQs and Important Information

Where can students find the link to the resource list?

Once your list is published your students can click the tool-link you added to your course site menu to access their resource list.

What happens if I have cross-listed courses?

If your course is cross-listed, please wait until your Blackboard course sites are consolidated to submit your list. If you are not consolidating courses, you will need to ask us to duplicate your list for each course. (courseresources@uwindsor.ca)

Can I see and work on my list if I don't have a LMS site?

Yes. Instructors can also login, access and edit their resource list in our system independently of Blackboard. So if Blackboard is down, or you don't have your course site yet, you can still work on your resource list.

Can students find readings outside of the LMS

Students will also be able to access their resource list in the LMS and through Course Resource Lists on the library websites. However, some materials with attached files may be restricted for copyright reasons unless they access them through LMS.

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