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Connecting your reading list in Leganto to your Brightspace course is the easiest way to ensure your students have reliable access to all their course readings. It also provides other helpful features to enhance student learning and engagement. 

The most reliable way to connect your students to their reading list from Brightspace is by adding Leganto as an external learning tool to your course. The instructions below outline a couple of ways to do this. (Jump to video). 

Video Guide: 2 Ways to Connect Brightspace and Leganto

Connecting to Leganto from Brightspace via a Module

  • Login to your Brightspace and go to your course site and navigate to “Content”.

Select the Content Heading

  • Leganto is an external learning tool which can be added to a module in your course. Create a new module by giving it a name like ‘Course Readings’ and hit enter.

add a module in brighspace left menu

  • Within your new module, to add the Leganto as an external tool choose the ‘Existing Activities’ drop-down menu select “External Learning Tools”. Then choose “Course Resource List” from the options.

selecting external learning toolsSelect Course Resource List

  • You now have a link to Leganto and can create and submit a readings and reserves list.

Connecting to Leganto from Brightspace via a Quick Link

You can also add the LTI connection to Leganto anywhere you can insert a link through the editor in Brightspace. In this example, I'm adding a quick link to Leganto as part of an assignment. 

  • Highlight the text you want to add a link to

Adding a link to a text box in Brightspace

  • Select External Learning Tools from the list

select external learning tool

  • Select Cours Resource List (Leganto) as the tool and add it. You should now have new link from your course site to Leganto.

select course resource list

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