Links and Student Access

Ensuring Reliable Student Access

To ensure that your students can open your reading list from your LMS site, make sure that you've followed the connection guide. The methods outlined there for creating a link ensure that students are authenticated with their UWin ID and password when accessing their reading list and resources.

The information on this page is meant to provide supplementary options to the connection guide. In general, avoid copying and pasting links from your web browser's address bar when sharing with students as these links tend to not be reliable.

Viewing as a Learner in Brightspace and Leganto

You can review the links you've created for student access in Brightspace by viewing your course site as a Learner. 

selecting view as learner in brightspace from the user menu

If you have your reading list open in Leganto, you can also swap to student view to see what your students will see.
selecting student view in the leganto list menu

Create Links to Sections and Items in Your List

You can create links to your reading list, a specific item in your list such as a book or article, or a specific section in your list anywhere from within Brightspace.

1. Copy the shareable link to the item or section of interest. For example, I can copy a shareable link to a chapter in my reading list:

Copy a link to a reading in your list

2. In your course site, create a link to the chapter anywhere you can add content. Just highlight the text you'd like to link from and select the link icon.

highlight text and link

3. Copy and Paste the Shareable Link in the URL field and insert.

Paste the link copied from Leganto in the URL field

4. A direct link to the item will now be available for students in this section of your course site.

Your link opens directly on the record in Leganto

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