Course Resource Lists for Faculty

These pages will provide you up to date information on how to create and submit course reading lists with Leganto.

Fall 2021 Update

  • Print Reserve Loan Periods: Course Reserve loans will be 1 day loans by default. 2 Hour loans can be requested in cases where demand requires.
  • Building Access: The doors to the library will be open. Items can be picked up and requested at the Information Desk
  • Item Limits Per List: If you are submitting lists for staff to process, for timely list completion, please try to keep your initial list to 50 items or less. Faculty can also add additional citations to their list on their own once the list is created. 

Submit your reading list through Blackboard

There are 3 steps to complete in order to submit and make your course readings available to students though our Resources and Reserve system Leganto. 

  1. Login to your Blackboard Course site and add the 'Library Resource List' Tool Link to your course menu.
  2. You MUST add the tool link to your course in order for students to access any files on the reading list. These are restricted for users in your course.
  3. Launch the Tool Link and create your resource list or attach a word document with citations and send it to the library to review. 
  4. Once library staff have prepared your list, it will be published and available for students to see it in Blackboard.

For detailed instructions on creating your reading list please explore the pages in this guide.

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    Phone519-253-3000 Ext. 3402