ONCE UPON A TIME: Part Two … Through the lens of a Black archivist

By: Antoinette "Anto" Seymour
Posted May 1, 2024

It’s the first day of the month and, as promised, the launch of “61”.

Welcome to the initial set of 61 archival items, in observance of the 61 years of UWindsor’s existence!

Each and every record tells a story or has a narrative, and we do love a sweet story, so sit back, relax, and here we go.

Bahamian Storytelling Chant

Preserving Your Personal Archives: A Beginner’s Guide

By Sarah Glassford
Posted March 27, 2024

Every day, around the world, people engage in the act of archiving. And not just professional archivists, either. Countless fascinating and historically valuable items never go to institutions, but instead stay in the families or private organizations for whom they are most meaningful.

Changes to the term of copyright protection in Canada

Copyright law in Canada provides all authors and creators with exclusive rights to reproduce, perform, and publish their work. (Government of Canada, 2022). However, copyright doesn't last forever and eventually does expire. When the term of copyright expires, the work enters the public domain and is then available for anyone to use and copy without permission or payment.

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