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Course Resource Lists for Faculty

Course Resource Lists Information for Faculty

What is Course Resource Lists?

Course Resource Lists is an update to the Library's course reserve system that integrates with your Blackboard course site. It is the most effective way for faculty and instructors to utilize the library's resources in your class while also enabling you to integrate resources from anywhere on the web. 

Winter 2021 Update: We are currently unable to offer our 2 hour print reserve service. Please consider one of the following alternatives:

  • We can provide 7 Day Short term print loans through our Contactless Pickup Service. This is not intended to meet the demand generated by large classes but can help come students access print copies of books.
  • The library can digitize portions print library materials as allowable under existing copyright laws and fair dealing guidelines. This is typically 10% or 1 chapter of a book or an article from a journal.
  • We can request copyright clearance for content that exceeds the fair dealing guidelines. Note that obtaining permission can take several weeks in some cases and can be very costly.
  • The library has a large collection of electronic books, eBook chapters, articles in digital format, streaming video, and other digital content that may work as an alternative to the print book that you have previously placed on course reserve. Please contact your librarian for help with identifying resources.
  • Ask us to check if we can purchase an electronic copy of your book. Please note that many traditional textbook publishers will not sell electronic copies of their textbooks to libraries. EBooks can also be many times the price of a print book.
  • There are a growing number of high quality open educational resources available. Please contact your librarian for help with identifying resources. 

How to Submit Your Resource List

  1. Login to Blackboard and add the 'Library Resource List' Tool link to your course menu.
  2. Launch it and design your course resource list using our system or simply attach a word document of your list to send to the library.
  3. If you're teaching the same course again, just use the rollover option to reuse a list that has been created before.
  4. For more details review the guides below, download our guide, or contact us. 

Connect Your Blackboard Site to Course Resource Lists

To get started instructors need to enable the Library Resource List tool link in Blackboard.

  1. This will enable you to create and submit your reading list to the library.
  2. This ensures that students can open their reading list from within your Blackboard course site.

Please download the Quick Connect Guide or review the short video below on how to connect.

Create and Submit Your Reading List 

Once you've added the Library Resource List tool link in your Blackboard course site, you can submit your reading list to the library to process.

For instructions please watch the short videos below or read our 10 Steps Guide. 

Create your Course Resource List


Submit your Course Resource List to the library for processing and publishing


What Kind of Resources can be Placed on My Reading List?

  • Online resources such as eBooks, articles, streaming videos and more.
  • Digitization of print matierals can done under specific statutory provisions and in accordance with the University of Windsor copyright guidelines. Please provide us with the details of your request by email or through a library note in your Course Resource list.
    • Fair Dealing: The library will digitize materials such as book chapters or journal articles within the bounds of fair dealing (up to 10% or 1 chapter).
    • Copyright Clearance: If a digitization request exceeds the fair dealing guidelines we will seek copyright clearance for additional content. Please note that this can often take a week or more so please communicate your request well in advance of the start of your course.
  • Request purchase of an electronic copy of high demand items. Please keep in mind that many textbook publishers do not sell digital copies to libraries.
  • 7 Day Short term print loans. For smaller classes and in other select cases a 7 day short term loan may be possible. This is not intended to meet the demand generated by large classes.
  • At this time physical items in our collection are not available for 2 hour reserve loan. Please indicate if you would like us to digitize any library or personal copies of print resources. This is subject to campus copyright guidelines. 
  • Please email to arrange for digitization of personal copies of print matierals.

Rollover: Reusing a Previous Course Resource List

You can re-use or “roll over” a course reading list that you’ve used in a previous term. You can edit the reading lists after they are rolled over.

Download the Roll Over guide

  1. Login to your new Blackboard course site when it is available.
  2. Add the Library Resource Link Tool Link and Launch it.
  3. When Prompted, select “Roll over reading lists from an existing course” from the reading lists options.
  4. Select the course you want to roll over.
  5. Update the Reading list name and leave the other default settings as they are and select “Roll Over”.

Use Your Zotero or Mendeley Account as a Source

You can configure Course Resource Lists to access citations from your Zotero or Mendeley account when building your reading list.

  1. After you've logged in to Course Resource Lists, open user settings.
    Select user settings from the Leganto user menu
  2. Select the Citation Manager you want to connect to. Currently only Zotero or Mendeley are available options.
  3. For Zotero, provide your Zotero user ID and API key.
    Configure Zotero settings
  4. For Mendely click the login button and follow the prompts. 
    Login to Mendeley and follow the prompts
  5. You should now be able to import citations directly from you citation manager. Just click "Add items" and select your citation manager from the "More" tab.
    When adding items, use the "more" tab to choose your citation manager.

FAQs and Important Facts

  • Visit our comprehensive FAQ Page for answers to more FAQs
  • Once your list is published your students can click the tool-link you added to your course site menu to access their resource list.
  • Cross Listed Courses: If your course is cross listed, please wait until your Blackboard course sites are consolidated to submit your list.If you are not consolidating courses, you will need to ask us to duplicate your list for each course.
  • If you are not consolidating course sites, you will need to add the tool link to both courses.
  • Instructors can also login, access and edit their resource list in our system independantly of Blackboard. So if Blackboard is down, or you don't have your course site yet, you can still work on your resource list.
  • Students will also be able to access their resource list in Blackboard and through Course Resource Lists on the library websites. However, some materials may be restricted for copyright reasons. 

Not Using Blackboard

If your course doesn't use Blackboard, you can still submit your resource lists to the library. The Leddy Library team will create your course resource list which will be available through our website.

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