Choosing & Using Scholarly Resources: FAQs

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Leddy Library contains so many different resources it can be challenging to figure out which ones you want — not to mention how to cite them properly. We’re here to help. Below are some common questions about how to choose, and then appropriately use, the right resources for your needs.
What kind of information source should I use?

We are creating a handy infographic to answer this question. Stay tuned!

How do I find books for my topic?

Search Omni, the Leddy Library catalogue, to find e-books and print books on your topic, or browse the contents of our e-book collections. The Omni search box can always be found prominently displayed on the library homepage.

For further help finding books, check out Leddy Library’s Research and Reference Help webpage.   

How do I find journal articles for my topic?

Every academic discipline (English, Nursing, Math, etc.) has specialized databases where you can search for resources specific to that discipline. These can be accessed for free from our Articles and Databases webpage. Your discipline's Research Guide can point you to the best databases for your area.

For a much broader search (not limited to journal articles), you can use our Omni library catalogue, which searches most of our available content all at once.

What is a “peer-reviewed” article?

Peer-reviewed articles are reports of research findings written by scholars and subject experts for an audience of fellow scholars and experts. When the author submits their article to a journal for publication, it is reviewed by other experts and must be deemed sufficiently rigorous and well-researched, before it is accepted for publication (a process known as "peer review").

Peer reviewed articles are valued by scholars because they present the newest, most cutting-edge ideas and research findings in a discipline. They can be difficult to understand if you do not have any previous knowledge or training in that subject area.

For a fuller explanation, or help locating peer reviewed articles, check out our Peer Reviewed Articles research guide.

How do I find peer-reviewed journal articles?

Our Peer-Reviewed Articles research guide can help you find what you need, complete with screenshots and detailed instructions.

Do library databases work differently from a Google search?

Yes, they do. Stay tuned for our new research guide comparing library databases, regular internet search engines, and Google Scholar. It will explain the differences and can help you determine which one will best meet your research needs.

Can I just use Google for my research?

Probably not. Most university-level research requires the use of more specialized search tools, in order to locate high quality scholarly sources. 

Stay tuned for our new research guide comparing library databases, regular internet search engines, and Google Scholar. It will help you determine which one will best meet your research needs.

How do I cite my sources in APA… or MLA… or Chicago/Turabian… (or any other) style?

The library's Citation Style Guides web page provides access to online and print resources that can help you properly use whichever type of citation your discipline requires.

The Writing Support Desk (located in Leddy Library) also offers links to citation guides and citation video tutorials.

Can someone help me with my research?

We can't do your research for you. But if you need help getting started, both interactive and self-serve options are available to you on our Research and Reference Help webpage -- including the opportunity to consult the librarian assigned to your specific subject area through a research appointment.

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