Use Omni

Omni is Leddy Library's academic search tool. Discover, access and request articles, books, journals, videos and other information resources at the University of Windsor, at other Ontario universities and beyond. Omni is also home to your library account.

New UWindsor + Omni Libraries 

In January, the default search scope will include books and e-resources held by Leddy Library, but in addition, you will find books from 15 other Ontario Universities that you can request after logging in with your UWin ID.
You can always check off "available in UWindsor libraries" to see only the books in Leddy.

What can I do with Omni?

Omni does a lot of things, which is why we love it!
  • Search the collections (inventories) of the Leddy Library, Paul Martin Law Library and other Ontario university libraries
  • Discover millions of journal articles and other resources from within titles, across all disciplines
  • Place requests to hold or digitize print materials at Leddy Library
  • Order print materials from other Ontario university libraries
  • Manage loans in your library account


Do you have questions about using Omni? Ask a librarian – we're here to help.
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