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Omni serves as both the library's catalogue or print and electronic titles (e.g., books, journals, monographs, videos, etc.) and also as a multidisciplinary index of items within these titles (e.g., articles, book chapters, etc.). You can use Omni to locate titles within library collections and to explore research topics, but please keep in mind that Omni – like other multidisciplinary indexes like Google Scholar – are not completely comprehensive so you should consult our subject databases and research tools to ensure you have the most comprehensive search possible.

Construct your search

Searching in Omni is like searching in any academic database. You can search by entering simple keywords, but you can improve your search results by including some of these tips and tricks. 
AND is assumed between wordsfish (AND) pollution (AND) lakes
Quotations for phases"great lakes"; "health science"
SynonymsOR between related words; habitat OR ecosystem
Exclude wordsNOT to exclude terms; gambling NOT lottery
Alternate word endings* for unlimited characters, especially used for word endings; cultur* for culture, cultural, and culturally
Wildcard characters?  for single character wildcard; wom?n for woman, women
Brackets to group termsShakespeare (sonnet OR tragedy); "climate change" (ecosystem* OR habitat*) Ontario

Search scopes

When typing in your keywords, you'll notice that Omni presents different options to adjust the scope of your search. These are the search scopes, and they change where you are searching. Here's what they mean:
  • UWindsor Libraries + Omni Libraries: Search for print and electronic titles, and items (e.g., articles), from libraries at UWindsor and other Ontario universities. You can request items from other Omni libraries directly from the search results.
  • UWindsor Libraries: Search for print and electronic titles, and items (e.g., articles), from libraries at UWindsor.
  • Library Catalogue only: Search for only print and electronic titles only from libraries at UWindsor.
By default, your Omni search will show you books and physical items available for you to request at all participating Ontario Universities. It will also show you online resources provided by Leddy Library such as eBooks, articles and videos. 

Tip: If you only want to see physical items owned by Leddy Library, just select the "Available in UWindsor Libraries" filter after you search.

Add results beyond our collection

By default, when you search Omni you will see records for print and digital materials which are available to you – either at our library, by ordering it from other Omni libraries, or by accessing it online through our website.

When you select Add results beyond our collection, you will also see records for digital scholarly material that we don't have access to. This serves to allow you to discover potentially relevant scholarly material from outside of collection. While you may not be able to access these materials directly, you can use the interlibary loan service to order this material.
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