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Math students gain experience through the Academic Data Centre

Stats grad student Ke Xiao calls working with the Academic Data Centre an “incredibly special experience.”

Researchers had extra support at the Academic Data Centre in the Winter 2022 semester thanks to mathematics and statistics students. Nine students enrolled in the statistical consulting courses had the opportunity to assist in the centre to hone their skills and gain valuable hands-on experience.

The venture is part of a growing collaboration between the centre and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics that allows students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels to apply their course learning to real scientific statistical analysis projects.


Geospatial data analyst creates tool to raise awareness of extreme heat and flooding in the region

Map of Windsor-Essex County
With temperatures rising across Windsor-Essex County this week, Leddy Library’s geospatial data analyst, Carina Luo, designed a web application to raise awareness about climatic hazards in the area, particularly flooding and extreme heat.

After completing research about climate trends in the region, Luo found that Windsor-Essex holds the record for the greatest number of annual heat waves in Ontario between 1971 and 2000. In addition, inland floods have also been a consistent problem for the region, with significant flooding events occurring in 2016, 2017, and 2020.



Webinar to shed light on research data management

A webinar hosted by the Office of Research and Innovation Services and the Leddy Library on Friday, March 25, will provide instruction in “Data Management Planning for Tri-Agency Grant Applications.”

Data management is more than just a buzzword or a new requirement for grant funding agencies. It is a framework for long-term, secure, sustainable preservation of the data you collect through research projects.

Planning for good research data management can be fraught with difficult questions:


Academic Data Centre launches online workshops on research data

Map of Windsor-Essex County

Students and researchers seeking to learn more about applying data and statistical analysis to their research can now take advantage of a series of research data online workshops.

Librarians and data experts at the Leddy Library’s Academic Data Centre have curated nine workshops designed to introduce students to both geospatial and numeric datasets using geographic information systems and statistical applications as well as research data management support.


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