Numeric data

Key sources of data

Statistics Canada
Data from the nation's statistical agency—the starting point for any statistical research on Canada. Access Census and other survey data. Alternatively, access aggregate StatCan census data through CHASS, for easier bulk-download.

CHASS Census Analyzer
Access to aggregate (profile series) Census of Canada data. Requires UWin authentication from off-campus. Goes back to the 1961 Census.

Contains over 5,300 datasets for the social sciences, with more than 17,900 additional dataset descriptions available for searching. Access opinion polls, public StatCan data and raw StatCan data released through the Data Liberation Initiative (otherwise unavailable on the StatCan site). Alternatively, browse the <odesi> database with Nesstar.

One of the world's largest archives of social science data, ICPSR includes social surveys, polls, longitudinal data files, and more, from countries around the world.
A registry of research data repositories. Use this to search for over 2,000 research data repositories, which store primary research data deposited by researchers and research groups across all disciplines.

Rich Data Services (Statistics Canada)
The Rich Data Services (RDS) platform is Statistics Canada’s analytical platform for hosting Public Use Microdata files (PUMFs) and their metadata and documentation. The RDS Explorer and Tabulation Engine's interfaces allow users to browse, manipulate, and download data and metadata for online or offline analysis. Users can access the RDS platform using their online browser (Edge is recommended).

UWindsor Dataverse
The University of Windsor's institutional data repository. Search for primary research data created by Windsor researchers.

Data and statistics research guides

Research Guides

Canadian Census Data
Computer Science Data
Data on Developing Countries
Education Statistics and Data
Engineering Microdata
Environmental Engineering, Pollution and Climate Data
Ethics in the Professions: researching an occupation
Health Statistics and Data
Human Kinetics & Sports Statistics
Microdata for Analysis
Political Science Data
Psychology Data
Qualitative Data
Social Work Statistics
Text Data Mining (TDM)
Windsor Area Statistics
Women's Studies Statistics and Data

Course Guides

Data for 78-632: Quantitative Studies
Data for 85-222: Treatment of Experimental Data
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