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Important Canadian Surveys

Statistics Canada conducts a number of both occasional and on-going surveys; I'm only pointing out a few of the most relevant. Data from these surveys is released in tables and features such as CANSIM and Health Indicators as well as in reports. Microdata for analysis is available in Public Use Microdata Files and can be downloaded from ODESI. Some surveys such as the Canadian Health Measures Survey are restricted and only available through our Research Data Centre.

For a more complete listing of microdata sources, see the guide Microdata for Analysis.

The Canadian Health Measures Survey. Tables/Reports, access full data in Research Data Centres.
The Health Measures Survey contains direct physical measurements of aerobic fitness, height, weight and other clinical items from a large sample of the Canadian populations along with information from interviews on lifestyle and environmental factors. General Social Survey, particularly the Time Use modules. Access microdata on ODESI or full confidential micodata data in the Research Data Centre.
The General Social Survey, as the name suggests, is a survey covering a variety of aspects of Canadian's lives; every year has a different themed module. In this module  respondents keeping a time use diary over the course of a day, allowing a detailed analysis of daily activities. The survey also includes questions on cultural and sports activities. National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
This study began in 1994 with children who were aged 0-11 and has been following them ever since. A new cohort of children aged 0 - 7 was added in 2008. Includes a number of tests and inventories, school questionnaires, etc; rich and detailed source for looking at everything from parenting styles to personality to educational outcomes. Some data from the first three waves can be accessed on ODESI, or access the full data in Research Data Centre.

Participation and Fitness

See also the guide to Health Statistics and Data.

Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute research reports and statistics Canadian Social Trends: Kids Sports from Statistics Canada.

Sports and athletes

The American Statistical Association maintains a good listing of general sport statistics sites. Some of them have limited data download options. Equity in Athletics Data Tool

Data from the U.S. Department of Education that tracks compliance with the Title IX regulations on equity in athletics funding. Data available by institution or for aggregates. Shared NCAA Research Data from the NCAA. Includes data on graduation rates; team-level Academic Progress Rates in Division I; and individual-level data on the experiences of current and former student-athletes. Lahman’s Baseball Database
Downloadable database with complete batting and pitching statistics back to 1871, plus fielding statistics, standings, team stats, managerial records, post-season data, and more. Developed by a sports journalist. Olympic Results Database
Official Olympic results. The site also houses a library of documents with statistics on marketing and revenue, broadcasting, etc. Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute research reports and statistics Canadian Social Trends: Kids Sports from Statistics Canada

Injury Surveillance Online - Public Health Canada

National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research (U.S.-based)

Helmet Statistics from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Research Institute

Sports Economics

Canadian Spectator Sports, Event Promoters, Artists and Related Industries financial statistics from Statistics Canada Rodney Fort's Sports Business Data
Free data that supports a textbook on Sports Economics. Covers NBA, NFL, NHL, European Football and U.S. College sports. Data on attendance, payroll/salaries, ticket prices and revenues, team market value, etc. Olympic statistics on marketing and revenue, broadcasting, etc.

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