Climb new heights at The Leddy Library

The good people of University of Windsor's Employee Engagement & Development have just issued you a challenge: How many stairs can you climb in 20 days? Enough to reach the peak of Mount Everest? How about Mont Tremblant?

If you are looking for a good place to start stair climbing on March 11th, you could do well by trekking the heights of Leddy Library.  The stairs from the basement to the 4th floor of our Main Building is made up of 90 steps, or 7.5 flights.

Generate a list with call numbers using Zotero

Sometimes the best features of the software you use are still waiting to be discovered - even after years of use. TIL (that's Internet lingo for Today I Learned) that Zotero has the option to generate simple reports for list making and other simple pleasures.

So, if you wanted to print out a list of your books in Zotero sorted by call-number, you can add the column that contains it by clicking the little icon in the top right corner of the middle Zotero panel:

Information Services Tenure-Track Librarian @ Leddy Library

The University of Windsor’s Leddy Library invites applications for an Information Services Tenure-Track Librarian position commencing as early as May 1, 2015. Intended to be filled at the Librarian I or Librarian II level, final rank and salary will be commensurate with experience and subject to final budgetary approval. 

The position description is available on the University of Windsor's Faculty Recruitment website.

If you use Zotero, please update your Library Lookup

I use Zotero (along with Evernote) to keep track of the readings and research I use for my work.

While I primarily use it to create bibliographies, I also use as a personal library of sorts.  When I need to find a favourite article, I open up Zotero, do a search if necessary, and open the article on the web (that is, if I haven't already kept an archived copy along with my citation).

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