Managing Your Citations

A citation is a reference to a published work, such as a journal article, book, image or document. We come across published works during the course of our research, and when we re-use these works in our writing, we write a citation to give credit to the authors of the original work.

We can also collect citations to create a personal library of references so that we can use them later on. Citation management software helps us to do these things efficiently:
  • Organize sets of references around projects or themes
  • Attach full-text PDFs and notes on your readings
  • Share collections of references with others (and collaborate on the sets together)
  • Generate styled references and bibliographies from the citation data
Explore this research guide to learn how to select a citation management software that fits your needs, how to link Zotero and EndNote to the Library's catalogue to retrieve full-text PDFs, how to bulk download references from databases, and how to create bibliographies from these software.

 We recommend Zotero

Leddy Library recommends Zotero, an open-source and free citation management software for most people. Learn more about Zotero.
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