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ONCE UPON A TIME: Part Four … Through the lens of a Black archivist

Bahamian Storytelling Chant
“Once upon a time was a ‘wery’ nice time; monkey chew tobacco and spit out lime.”

So once upon a time there was the Caribbean Homegoing Booklet, a funeral booklet perhaps like no other, an unlikely genealogical ‘talking piece’, chock-rich in legacy information.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Part Two … Through the lens of a Black archivist

By: Antoinette "Anto" Seymour
Posted May 1, 2024

It’s the first day of the month and, as promised, the launch of “61”.

Welcome to the initial set of 61 archival items, in observance of the 61 years of UWindsor’s existence!

Each and every record tells a story or has a narrative, and we do love a sweet story, so sit back, relax, and here we go.

Bahamian Storytelling Chant

Preserving Your Personal Archives: A Beginner’s Guide

By Sarah Glassford
Posted March 27, 2024

Every day, around the world, people engage in the act of archiving. And not just professional archivists, either. Countless fascinating and historically valuable items never go to institutions, but instead stay in the families or private organizations for whom they are most meaningful.

Delos Rogest Davis: An Extraordinary Canadian

By Lily Zitko
Posted May 6, 2022

Tucked away within the University of Windsor's archival vault, ambiguously described, lay a box labelled “Accession No. 1995-063.” Now renamed as “F 0034 (Delos Rogest Davis fonds)” the contents of this box, donated in June of 1990, were largely untouched until early 2022. What are the contents of the box, you ask? Well, they tell the story of one man who made big waves in the legal community of Windsor-Essex and of Canada. Let me share his story with you. 
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