New trial of clinical information tool now available

Photo of electronic devices with the DynaMed database website on the screens.

The Leddy Library offers trials of new databases to allow students, faculty, and staff to evaluate the resource’s suitability and provide feedback before subscribing.  

Users will have access to DynaMed, a clinical information point-of-care tool until October 15th, as the Library reviews the subscription to UpToDate, a similar tool that is currently licensed. Clinicians use these tools to access synthesized medical information to aid in decision-making. Faculty and students who make use of point-of-care tools are encouraged to try DynaMed and provide their feedback.  

There are several clinical information point-of-care tools on the market and the Library is evaluating these two to determine if it makes sense to change subscriptions. This decision will be primarily based on the alignment of the resource with curricular needs for the Faculty of Nursing's programs and the cost of the resource. 

The trial will help determine whether DynaMed may be a suitable replacement. The trial of DynaMed is active until October 15th. Access the trial online.  

Feedback from the trial is welcome and encouraged as it will inform possible purchase decisions. 

Please share your feedback on DynaMed and UpToDate by October 15th.  


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