Leddy Library welcomes Berenica Vejvoda as academic data librarian

Photo of Berenica Vejvoda, Data Librarian

In the technological age of information, analytics, and statistics, almost everything we do can be converted into research data. For the Leddy Library’s new academic data librarian, Berenica Vejvoda, the data collected from our everyday actions has the potential to solve problems, assist decision making, create new knowledge, and tell compelling stories.

Vejvoda will help the campus community understand, use, and analyze data through the services provided by Leddy Library’s Academic Data Centre.

“We not only help researchers discover and work with data, but we also teach researchers how to use statistical software,” she says.

In addition to leading the Academic Data Centre, Vejvoda will support students and faculty through the entire research data life cycle, including helping researchers manage their original data for preservation.

She says that working with data provides a valuable and unique opportunity to meet with researchers during all phases of the research process.

“I get to meet with researchers from a variety of disciplines and research areas,” said Vejvoda. “What I enjoy the most is witnessing researchers build evidence-based data-supported narratives to explain social constructs or promote social change.”

For more information, contact Vejvoda at Berenica.Vejvoda@uwindsor.ca.



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