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These are six resource lists on anti-black racism to find more material. Each has a slightly different focus and while some material overlaps, there is uniquely useful material in each guide. The guides contain links to books, articles, movies, podcasts, organizations, and even more resource guides.

#blacklivesmatter library, teaching, activism, and community resource list
by Que(e)ry
Last updated June 24, 2022

This list starts with a history and introduction to the Black Lives Matter movement and resources related to it. It then provides a list of other syllabi, research guides, teaching resources, library and archival sources, self-care and survival resources, and more.

Anti-racism Resource Guide
by Tasha K
Last updated Juneteenth 2020

At the beginning of this guide there are 2-3 texts which are meant to act as introductory material to the topic of anti-racism. The rest of the guide is mostly made up of books separated into topics such as immigration, mass incarceration, parenting, and more. There are also some articles, movies, podcasts, organizations, and folx to follow.

Anti-Racism Resources
by the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism, University of Waterloo
Last update unknown

This is guide has material which is specific to Black experiences in Canada and in education. It also has self-care and coping resources, and material aimed specifically for families with children or teens. This is a much more condensed guide compared to some of the others.

Excavating Black Queer Thought: A Pride Bibliography
By Emerald Rutledge
Last updated June 28, 2019

This is a list of both contemporary and classic works looking at Black queerness. It captures topics of belonging, gender, eroticism, identity and radical activism. The list consists mostly of books with a few films and documentaries.

Reading Towards Abolition
by the Abusable Past Collective
Last updated June 1, 2020

This list looks specifically at prisons, abolition, and the criminalization of Blackness. This is a collection of books, articles, and links to other resource lists. The materials divided into four themes: understanding police and police violence, criminalizing Blackness, history of uprisings and riots and what is abolition.

Uprooting Whiteness [Supremacy & Domination]
by William R. Frey
Last updated July 21, 2022

This list focuses on whiteness and how it’s enacted on the world through supremacy and domination. The list contains books, scholarly and media articles, videos, podcasts, organizations, projects, syllabi and a list of Black and Indigenous owned bookstores.

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