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This sections provides a list of the different kinds of databases available through Leddy and online.

Leddy Databases

Databases are curated collections of materials on a specific topic. Leddy’s collection of Black Studies databases can be serve as a great place to start searching. However it can also be useful to search for material related Black Studies within the specific databases of your field. For example, if you’re in Education, searching “anti-black racism” in ERIC would also likely find you results relevant to your studies.

For news and popular media you can search these databases. They can be individually searched to find news on the topic of Anti-Black racism. This is a great way to learn about reactions and critique to major events during the actual time the events were ongoing, and also look at reactions to major historical events years down the line.

Other Online Databases

Race, Research & Policy Portal by Harvard
This is a free online database which summarizes and makes available scholarship on race.

Black Canadian Studies
A compilation of Black Canadian research and teaching resources created by Dr. Charmaine Nelson

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