Newspaper Research

Information about current events can be useful in a number of scholarly applications, whether to understand new developments on a topic, news about what’s going on in the world, and for a historical view of the past. This type of information can be found in several types of sources but most often in newspapers, which publish news on a regular schedule, often daily.

Newspapers have historically been print publications, with weekly, daily or even multiple-daily issues. Today, many newspapers are also published online in digital form. Newspapers are often published by commercial publishers, so their content may not always be available to read online for free. Use this guide to understand how newspapers can be used in research and when they are primary or secondary sources and to help you find newspapers both within the library’s collection and elsewhere.

As a resource for historical research, newspapers can provide basic information about people, places, and events, while reflecting the context and culture of the times. They provide insight into how events, people, or ideas were understood in the past and may also reflect on historic events with additional context gathered in subsequent years.

Leddy Library offers access to both current and historical newspapers in paper, electronic or microfilm format.

Research guide created by Annie Kavanagh & Sarah Glassford.

Updated on

Monday, July 10, 2023
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