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C19: The Nineteenth Century Index
Draws on the strength of established indexes such as the Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue, The Wellesley Index, Poole's Index and Periodicals Index Online to create integrated bibliographic coverage of over... Connect
Cairn Journals
Over 150 French and Belgian journals in human and social sciences, from Economics, Politics, Public affairs, Sociology, Education, Psychology, History to Geography and more. Connect
Canada Commons
Provides full text access to over 20,000 Canadian ebooks and 75,000 public documents. This collection is a merger of 3 former collections: the Canadian Health Research Collection, the Canadian Public Policy Collection... Connect
Canadian Book Review Annual Online
Canadian Book Review Annual Online contains more than 40,000 authoritative reviews of English-language and Canadian-authored scholarly, reference, trade, children's, and teen books published in Canada over the past 35... Connect
Canadian Census Analyser
Access to census profile data: Enumeration Area/Dissemination Area (2001) and Census District: 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006 Census Tract and Census Metropolitan Area: 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006... Connect
Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Journals
Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM) and Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (CMB) are the flagship publications of the Society, devoted to publishing original research works of high standard. The CJM typically publishes... Connect
Canadian Music Centre: Digital Music Library On-line
Provides access to Canadian composers and a sample of their respective scores. This database features over 300 score samples and sound clips. Some unpublished scores can be ordered from the Canadian Music Centre. Connect
Canadian Newsstream
Full text of 300 Canadian newspapers including The Windsor Star and The Globe and Mail. The database includes full access to the articles, columns, editorials and features published in each newspaper. Database content... Connect
Canadian Science Publishing
Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) is Canada's largest publisher of international scientific journals. Formerly known as National Research Council (NRC) Research Press, CSP publishes 24 journals. Connect
Web access to a digital library of primary sources in Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of literature, women's... Connect
Canadiana Collection
More than 80, 000 volumes dating back to the early 17th century that are about Canada, or written and published by Canadians, freely available online. This CIHM digital archive complements the materials digitized and... Connect
Canadiana Héritage
Chronicling the country and its people from the 1600s to the mid-1900s, this collection will represent a vast and unique resource for Canadian historians, students, and genealogists, once completed. The Héritage project... Connect
CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute)
Primary sources of Canadian law, both legislative and judicial, from federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions. Connect
CANSIM (Statistics Canada via CHASS)
Is Statistics Canada's time series database. It contains 1.2 million series in 1,400 tables which cover a wide variety of social and economic aspects of Canadian life. The data collected is from Statistics Canada... Connect
CARD: Canadian Advertising Rates and Data
Advertising rates and related data for most Canadian media.   Connect
Career Cruising
Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that provides patrons with a comprehensive resource with respect to career development, educational options and job search.  Patrons can start with assessments... Connect
CBCA Complete
A comprehensive Canadian periodical collection covering multiple subjects and topics, with millions of full-text records. The Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database features a diversified mix of... Connect
CBCA Complete: Business
Focuses on business periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. Connect
CBCA Complete: Health & Medicine
News and current affairs in Canadian health and medicine. This database is a subset of CBCA Complete.Subject coverage:Medical ScienceNursingAllied HealthPublic HealthPharmacology  Connect
CBCA Complete: History
Focuses on history periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. Connect
CBCA Complete: Literature and Language
Focuses on literature and language periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. Connect
CBCA Complete: Science and Technology
Focuses on science and technology periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete.   Connect
CBCA Complete: Social Sciences
Focuses on social sciences periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. Connect
CBCA Complete: The Arts
This database focuses on arts periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. This database is a subset of CBCA Complete. Subject coverage includes:    Canadian music    Canadian theatre... Connect
CCCA Canadian Art Database
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The Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art's database documenting the careers of some of Canada's leading professional artists, designers, art writers and curators, as well as some important Canadian art institutions and...
CFMRC TSX (Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre) - Annual Update
Includes daily and monthly Toronto Stock Exchange trading information about specific securities as well as information on "price adjustments" such as dividends, stock splits, recapitalizations, etc. The... Connect
Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
The online platform to access publications by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. This platform includes the following resources:CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection (CPACHB) Guide to... Connect
A free chemical structure database that mines the web for chemical property data. A secondary source of properties, ChemSpider provides well-referenced basic properties, experimental properties and predicted properties... Connect
China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980
A variety of original source material detailing China's interaction with the West from Macartney's first Embassy to China in 1793, through to the Nixon/Heath visits to China in 1972-74. It also provides multiple... Connect
CIHM Monograph Collection
More than 80, 000 volumes dating back to the early 17th century that are about Canada, or written and published by Canadians, freely available online. This CIHM digital archive complements the materials digitized and... Connect
CINAHL Complete
Coverage of literature in nursing and the allied health sciences. This index provides abstracts for nearly 5,500 journals from the fields of nursing and allied health, with more than 6,000,000 records... Connect
Classical Music in Video
More than 400 hours of streaming video and growing to 1,000 hours on music history, music appreciation, music performance, analysis, and theory from Medieval to the twenty-first century, recordings from the 1950s up to... Connect
Classical Music Scores and Video
Classical Music from Alexander Street includes sheet music, audio, and video of classical music with coverage of all major genres and time periods from medieval to contemporary, from choral works to symphonies, operas... Connect
Classical Scores Library
Approximately 400,000 pages of the most important classical scores and manuscripts, allowing for the study and analysis of more than 24,000 scores. Connect
Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
A bibliographic database of definitive controlled trials with over 300,000 bibliographic references to controlled trials in health care. Connect
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
The full text of the regularly updated systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare prepared by The Cochrane Collaboration. Connect
Cochrane Methodology Register
A database of studies relevant to the methods of systematic reviews of healthcare and social interventions. The database includes journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, conference abstracts and reports... Connect
Communication and Mass Media Complete
Covers communication and mass media through the indexing of indexing and abstracts for more than 570 journals, and selected (“priority”) coverage of nearly 200 more, for a combined coverage of more than 770... Connect
Compustat via WRDS
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Compustat databases available on the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) platform, including Standard and Poor's Compustat North America and Compustat Global. The University of Windsor has access to the following...
Conference Board of Canada e-Library
Conference Board research documents from 1998 to the present. This organization develops reports on economic trends, public policy and organizational performance. Connect
Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969
Consists of confidential print documents issued by the United Kingdom Foreign and Colonial Office since c1820. This collection covers: the Egyptian reforms of Muhammad Ali Pasha in the nineteenth century; the Middle... Connect
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives
Real transcripts of therapy and counseling sessions and first-person narratives illuminating the experience of mental illness and its treatment, as well as reference works to contextualize the primary material. New... Connect
CPG Infobase
Canadian clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) developed or endorsed by authoritative medical or health organizations in Canada. Currently, there are over 1,200 guidelines in this database. CPG Infobase is maintained by... Connect
CPI.Q (Canadian Periodicals Index)
Millions of articles from a list of Canadian and International journals, magazines and reference content with a Canadian focus. Includes Canada's national newspaper, The Globe and Mail; Maclean's weekly magazine... Connect
Access to NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq Daily and Monthly Security Prices and other historical data related to over 24,000 companies. The data is compiled and distributed annually by the Center for Research in Security Prices,... Connect
Registration is required before use. Click on the title for more info.
NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq daily and monthly security prices and other historical data for over 24,000 companies, updated annually. The University of Windsor has access to the following Center for Research in Security...
Culture Crime News: a Database of Antiquities and Art Crime
Historical database of media reports about the looting of archaeological sites, the theft of art and antiquities, and all sorts of crime and legal entanglement related to cultural objects. This database is no-longer... Connect
Curio (CBC) gives teachers and students streaming access to selected educational content from CBC and Radio-Canada, including documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material, stock shots and more.... Connect
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