You can wait for the white rabbit or you can follow the Leddy Library!

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Welcome and welcome back to The Leddy Library!

We are always here to support your learning, teaching and research needs and we are continually trying to find new ways to meet them. This year, we're making sure that you can keep up to date with what the Leddy Library offers through a variety of social media channels. Here are some of them:

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Our most popular way of keeping us with what's happening at Leddy Library is our Facebook page: Facebook :


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This year we've started an Instagram account:Instagram :

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And we have a variety of Twitter accounts that you can follow from the Leddy Library:

Twitter : Leddy Library : @leddylibrary

Twitter : BioLeddy : @bioLeddy

Twitter : CompSciLeddy : @CompSciLeddy

Twitter : GeoLeddy : @geoLeddy

Twitter : LeddyChemistry : @LeddyChemistry

Twitter : Scholarship UWindsor : @ScholarUWindsor

Twitter : SWODA :  @SWODAUWindsor

Twitter : University of Windsor Data Centre : @UWinDataCentre

And you can always keep following this blog as well.

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