Upcoming talk : A field guide to reading and writing ecosystems

map of the internet

Do you remember learning about ‘food webs’ in school?  Do you remember drawing the inter-connections between plants, animals, and the environment where they live?  On Friday, October 25th, at noon in Room 302 West in the Leddy Library, we’re going to try to draw a different type of web.

We’re going to imagine that the nodes of our graph as readers, writers, and publishers. We’re going to find the ways by which they are all connected.  We know that the worlds of reading and writing are connected by human relationships but, now we are starting to see new connections being made by software choices, reading platforms, and by file types.

This informal talk by Mita Williams, User Experience, is part of the activities the Leddy Library is involved in for Open Access Week.

(Keeping with our food web theme, please feel free to bring your lunch).

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