Scholarship at UWindsor: A Year At a Glance

Chart of activity from last year of

On November 1st 2012, the Leddy Library officially launched Scholarship at UWindsor, the University of Windsor’s (UW) institutional repository (IR). The mandate of Scholarship at UWindsor is to enable researchers in our campus community to showcase, preserve and provide open-access to a wide range of scholarly and creative works. This could include copies of published articles, conference papers, presentations, theses, videos of talks, musical scores, images and more.

Since Scholarship at UWindsor is an open-access repository, its contents will be freely available to anyone with access to the internet. This enables the work of scholars from the University of Windsor to reach the broadest possible audience and helps to make publicly funded research more publicly accessible. Since its launch, faculty, librarians, researchers, and students at all levels have helped to contribute to a successful inaugural year of the IR. Scholarship at UWindsor can be accessed at

You can learn more about this project - such as where our site's traffic is coming from and what are some of its most downloaded titles - in our Scholarship at UWindsor Annual Report. 

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