Rap Genius + Pulitzer-winning novel

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Rap Genius + Pulitzer-winning novel = Poetry Genius

I have to admit that I have used Rap Genius when I've found a song that I love but just don't understand.  And now, I've learned from The Guardian (via Twitter) that RapGenius' crowd-sourced text annotations are being expanded to poetry and prose.

While some might question the wisdom of the crowds when it comes to literary interpretations, it's difficult to argue with the author of a work when they explain their own allusions, Which is what self-confessed fanboy / Junot Díaz. has done with an excerpt from his Pulitzer winning  The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao (which you can find at the Leddy Library... as with The Wisdom of the Crowds). 

At least, Poetry Genius shoudl prove for authors to explain themselves as opposed to, say, Wikipedia. Just ask Philip Roth!


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