New Massey Lectures announced : on Blood, The Stuff of Life

book cover: blood stuff of live

This week, it was announced that Lawrence Hill would be writing and delivering this year's 2013 Massey Lectures and he would be speaking of Blood, the stuff of life.

The CBC has commissioned the annual Massey Lectures since 1961 and over the years, prominent thinkers from Canada and around the world have contributed a series of five lectures in its name, including Martin Luther King Jr., Noam Chomsky, Jane Jacobs,  and Northrop Frye.

Today, the CBC Massey Lectures are the product of a collaboration of three partners--CBC Radio, the House of Anansi Press, and Massey College in the University of Toronto.  Each fall the lectures are delivered on university campuses in five cities across Canada.  They are broadcast on CBC Radio One in November, streamed on the internet and are available as podcasts and audio CDs. 

The lectures are published by House of Anansi Press and Blood: The Stuff of Life is due to be published in September.  In the meantime, you can read from the collection of previous Massey Lectures from The Leddy Library. 

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