An interaction of color on the iPad

squares of red and blue

Josef Albers (March 19, 1888 - March 25, 1976) was a German-born American artist and educator whose work, both in Europe and in the United States, formed the basis of some of the most influential and far-reaching art education programs of the twentieth century. His classic book Interaction of Color is a masterwork: conceived as a handbook and teaching aid for artists, instructors, and students, it presents Albers's unique ideas of color experimentation in a way that is valuable to specialists as well as to a larger audience. Originally published by Yale University Press in 1963 as a limited silkscreen edition with 150 color plates, Interaction of Color first appeared in paperback in 1971, featuring ten representative color studies chosen by Albers. The paperback has remained in print ever since and remains one of the most influential resources on color for countless readers (Yale University Press).


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Interaction of Color, Yale University Press has made a free ebook of the work available for the iPad

In true 21st century fashion, here's the video trailer for the book and the app:


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