Food for Fines from Nov 26th to Dec 14th

For the week of November 26th - December 14th 2012, you can donate food for fines!

That's right! You can make a donation to the University of Windsor Food Bank and help fellow students reducing your own library fines. Here are the conditions:

  1. Each non-expired food item can be exchanged for a value of $2 of library fines
  2. A student can redeem up to a maximum of $50 off their fines (or a total of 25 food items)
  3. The 25 food items can be accumulated throughout the weeks of November 26th - December 9th
  4. You can't "bank your fines." So if you only have $10 in fines and you bring 6 food items, you don't have $2 saved for any future fines

And thanks Memegenerator for our promotional image. DONT LABEL ME.

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