Celebrate Victoria Day with British Library Newspapers trial

Leddy Library has a trial of the new 19th-century British Library Newspapers database. Users must be on campus to access this trial. The most comprehensive range of national, regional and local newspapers in 19th century Britain ever made available in a digital collection, 19th Century British Library Newspapers Part I and Part II provide a range of publications to reflect the social, political and cultural events of the times. Taken directly from the extensive holdings of the British Library, the selected publications provide coverage of well-known historic events, cultural icons, sporting events, the arts, culture and other national pastimes. At a time when newspapers were emerging as a prerequisite medium of commercially-minded societies and major cities, their pages — from articles to advertisements — provide researchers with a unique, first-hand perspective.

Users can search across a large range of titles, not typically available at any one institution, and can perform full-text searches, use hit-term highlighting and view specific article types

Please note this trial is only available on campus and until June 12, 2012. Please let us know (leddyref@uwindsor.ca) what you think about 19th Century British Library Newspapers.

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