BlackLivesCDNSyllabus - Available at Leddy


Sorry state of ill-informed and decontextualized debate on @BLM_TO necessitates a #BlackLivesCDNSyllabus. Suggestions? cc: @ABRNetwork

— Anthony Morgan (@AnthonyNMorgan) July 5, 2016


On July 5, #BlackLivesCDNSyllabus began on Twitter. Toronto lawyer, advocate, educator and organizer Anthony Morgan originated the hashtag with the tweeted statement above and many Canadian scholars, writers and poets responded with contibutions. Librarian  Monique Woroniak compiled the syllabus in Storify format and Huda Hassan - a writer, scholar and community organizer based in Toronto - compiled the collection into a still expanding Google Doc (image credit: Nayani Thiyagarajah).

From this work, the Leddy Library have highlighted over 100 items from our collection that were found on the #BlackLivesCDNSyllabus and they are listed below.

This bibliographic work is part of a larger investigation into how we can use the citation manager Zotero to better re-distribute and re-use scholarly bibliographies. The citations of this bibliography are available for import at and this particular bibliography can be embedded into another website by use of the Zotero API:  Much thanks to Jenny Fallis for her assistance in helping formating the bibliography.


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