Types of Library Instruction

The Leddy Library offers a number of options for faculty who wish to integrate information literacy instruction into their courses. Below are many examples, however if you have ideas of your own we would be happy to hear them.

Curriculum Planning

Our goal is to develop structures whereby contextualized recursive learning experiences focussing on research skills and strategies are staggered throughout a student’s degree programme in the appropriate courses. This approach allows us to build information literacy incrementally over the degree. Invite us to a departmental meeting or retreat and we can work collaboratively with you to determine which information literacy skills need to be taught where, when and how in your department’s programmes.

Course-Specific Workshops

Students will join a librarian in a computer lab for some hands-on practice with specialized research tools relevant to your discipline and your course.

Course Units

For classes at the undergraduate or graduate level that are designed to be an introduction to the discipline and/or the research methods of a discipline, a librarian would be pleased to work with you to design a unit on library research that would include at least one librarian-led lecture or workshop (or more) and an assignment designed collaboratively by you and the librarian.

Individual Research Consultations

For faculty and students. Make an appointment with your subject specialist librarian for training with online resources, or information on specialized research tools/collections in your field of specialization.


Basic guided walking tours of the Leddy Library, usually offered in September. These tours familiarize students with the physical facilities and various service points in the Library.

Library Orientations

A librarian will visit your class and provide an introduction to the library, our resources, academic publication types, the research process and some instruction on the mechanics of library research – searching in databases, locating journals and so forth.

Assignment Consultations

Send us a draft copy of your research assignment in advance and let us help by clarifying library terminology and available resources. We can also suggest ways to incorporate broad information literacy objectives into your assignments that will increase the overall research effectiveness and critical thinking skills of your students.

Departmental Sessions

These visits are designed specifically for faculty and help keep your department up to date on new resources, formats and library collections issues in your discipline.

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