Research Grant and Funding Guide


There are many resources available for finding information about research funding and to guide you through the grant-writing process. Below is a selection of resources that can be found at the Leddy Library.

For a more exhaustive list of resources and funding agencies, as well as support and advice throughout the entire research grant process, visit the Office of Research and Innovation Services.

Gathering Information

Research Collaboration and Communication

Looking for Grants and Funding Agencies

Writing Grant Proposals


Gathering Information

These resources can help with any initial or additional research needs you may have as you prepare your grant.

Research Collaboration and Communication

Some books on improving research collaboration; writing research proposals; and communicating results.

Looking for Grants and Funding Agencies

Visit the Office of Research and Innovation Services and see their web pages on funding opportunities and Tri-Agency grant deadlines for an extensive list of major funding resources.

Available through Leddy Library:

Law Resources:

Writing Grant Proposals

Obtaining grants and developing proposals:

Visit the Office of Research and Innovation Services and see their web page on Preparing Your Grant Application.

Available through Leddy Library:

Writing Grant Proposals:


Social Sciences:


Computer Science




Additional E-books:

There are a variety of platforms that Leddy provides access to but which are not found in the library catalogue. To access these resources, follow the links below to the platform, and then do a title search for the e-book.


  • Funding revolution by Tom Roberts (2005)
  • IT project proposals: writing to win by Paul Coombs (2005)


  • Designing successful grant proposals by Donald C. Orlich (2002)

Open Library Lending Program

  • Collaborative grantseeking by Jeremy T. Miner, Lynn E. Miner, and Jerry Griffith (2011)
  • The complete book of grant writing (2006)
  • Essential principles for fundraising success (2005)
  • Grant writing demystified by Mary Ann Payne (2011)
  • Perfect phrases for writing grant proposals (2007)
  • Proposal planning & writing by Jeremy T. Miner (2008)
  • Storytelling for grantseekers: a guide to creative nonprofit fundraising by Cheryl Clarke (2009) 
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