Affiliated Borrowers

A variety of services are available for affiliated borrowers connected to the University of Windsor.

Print Access

The following groups can obtain an Affiliated Borrowers Library Card free of charge:
  • Academie St. Cecile (faculty and elected students)
  • Assumption International Baccalaureate Program High School students
  • Assumption University (faculty and students)
  • Canterbury College (faculty and students)
  • Daimler Chrysler Automotive Research Centre (faculty and staff)
  • International Joint Commission staff
  • Iona College (faculty and students)
  • Joint Ph.D. program in Education students
  • Nursing Program Preceptors
  • School of Social Work Field Instructors
  • St. Clair and Lambton College (faculty only)
  • U. of W. Giving Program (Chancellor’s Circle, Governor’s Club, President’s Council)
  • Visiting Scholars and Professors (with proof of visiting status)
  • CURBA Borrowers with valid library cards from their home institution.

St. Clair/Lambton College faculty wishing to have remote database access must be teaching at the U. of W. If they are, they may be given Faculty status as an affiliated borrower.

Request Access to Online Resources (Friends Account)

A friend account is requested by those who are not already in the system (eg. nursing preceptors, Adjunct faculty) but a "friend" of the University who is providing a service for faculty, students or staff. The friend account is the way to access our online resources. The list of eligible patrons is on the matrix as "Affiliated Faculty". These are all people who want to do research here, who are asked to come by the University and who are usually here for a short period of time. 
Patrons can get remote access via a friend account but not all patrons with a friend account will automatically get remote access. Some patrons will be granted a friend account for the sole purpose of accessing their borrowed items and due dates only. These patrons will not have remote access. (Getting remote access depends on the status of the user, and the patron must be somehow connected with the university.) 
Requests for Friend Accounts should be referred to the Access Services Coordinator. It should be accompanied by a letter from a faculty member in the department or faculty at which the researcher is associated and indicate the period of time that the account is needed for.

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