Scholarship at UWindsor Launch Nov 1st

Scholarship at UWindsor Banner

The University of Windsor and Leddy Library are excited to announce the launch of the Scholarship at UWindsor Institutional Repository. Scholarship at UWindsor is created with and maintained through the use of BePress's Digital Commons software service. Digital commons is now the leading hosted institutional repository and is used by several institutions in Canada. Scholarship at UWindsor is intended to showcase our scholars and their work by enabling researchers in our campus community to preserve and provide open access to a wide range of their scholarly and creative works. This could include copies of published articles where permitted, conference papers, presentations, theses, videos of talks, musical scores, images and more. Since Scholarship at UWindsor is an open access repository, its contents will be freely available to anyone with access to the internet. This enables the work of scholars from the University of Windsor to reach the broadest possible audience and helps to make publicly funded research more publicly accessible.

The launch of Scholarship at UWindsor on November the 1st will follow International Open Access Week, a global event, now in its 6th year, promoting Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research. Details below:

Thursday, November 1st at 1:00 p.m.
Leddy Libaray's Staff Lounge
(Room 4107 main building).

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