Open Access Week 2016 Events (Oct 24th-28th)

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The Leddy Library invites you to our Open Access Week 2016 events. Open Access Week (October 24 - 28th) is a global event now entering its eighth year. This international event is an opportunity for researchers around the world to continue to learn about the benefits of Open Access, to share their experience with colleagues, and to help improve access to scholarship and research around the world.

Open Access (OA) scholarly literature is digital, online, free of charge, coupled with the right to use these works fully in the digital environment. Most research has until very recently been only available to the reader through subscriptions or affiliation with an institution that pays subscription fees. Open access changes this model providing greater access to research results, accelerating the progress of research, makes research affordable for students, and ensures that publicly funded research is available to the public. Open access makes it possible for the results of research to have the greatest possible impact.

Everyone is welcome to attend the following events at the Leddy Library. Please extend the invitation to all staff and students.

Opening up learning and teaching: Open Access, Open Educational Resources, and Open Learning
October 25th, 11-12pm at the Leddy Library in room 302 West Building
Speaker: Nick Baker

There is a growing global movement towards openness. Driven by open access advocates, no longer is knowledge locked up in the hands of a few elites, but rather, it is becoming democratized and available to the public. This is beginning to change the role of the university in society, both in terms of knowledge creation, and education of citizens. What does this mean in the University of Windsor and Canadian contexts? How does open education change the way we think about intellectual property and the resources we use or create in our teaching? How are open access and open educational resources impacting on university teaching and learning? How can we benefit from and contribute to this massively growing global movement? This short workshop will explore these and other questions that are frequently asked about open and online education and the tools that support them. We will discuss some of the emerging directions in global higher education, and attempt to unpack what that means for Canadian universities.

The life-changing magic of tidying up your research using Zotero
Oct 27th, 12pm – 1pm at the Leddy Library in room 302 West Building
Speaker: Mita Williams

Does the disorganized array of research papers and publications on your laptop fill you with more embarrassment than joy? Is it easier to re-find a paper online rather than dig through your hard drive for your copy that’s in there somewhere? How long have you been putting off getting your papers into some sort of order? Let the Leddy Library introduce you to the life-changing magic of tidying up your research using Zotero. We will demonstrate how Zotero can import citations and export bibliographies in a myriad of citations styles and file formats. As well, we’ll showcase Zotero’s lesser known capabilities that make it a great platform for research collaboration. Laptops and snacks are optional.

Free Your Research: Leveraging the Benefits of Open Access with Scholarship at UWindsor
Oct 28th, 12pm – 1pm at the Leddy Library in room 302 West Building
Speaker: Dave Johnston

Providing open access (OA) to research has become an essential part of the research dissemination process for authors. In this OA Week workshop we discuss what open access is, how to navigate the options your publisher grants you for providing OA to your work, and how you can use Scholarship at UWindsor, the OA repository for the University of Windsor, to provide OA to your work while avoiding the high cost of OA fees often charged to authors. In addition, we’ll discuss the potential impact and visibility provided by having your work in Scholarship at UWindsor, highlight tools provided for tracking use, and talk about how you can use SelectedWorks to provide a more personalized presentation of the work you have in Scholarship at UWindsor. Feel free to bring a laptop or device.

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