Library and Research Ethics Collaboration to Share Summaries with Participants

Research Result Summaries banner with background of Ambassador Bridge

A collaboration between the Research Ethics Board and the Leddy Library provides a new platform for researchers to share summary reports of research studies with study participants. Researchers will be able to login with their UWin ID and password to quickly submit summaries online at through a simple online form. When summaries are complete they will be made available publicly through the site to participants. Research participants will be able to browse, search by author, or other keywords related to the study they were involved with, to easily find and download summary reports.
As these reports are part of Scholarship at UWindsor, they will be connected automatically with publications researchers may have in Scholarship at UWindsor including journal publications, book chapters, and other works that may eventually stem from these early research summaries. The research summaries are protected by a Creative Commons license but are not considered a publication. A disclaimer is included on the site and on downloaded summaries so these do not interfere with subsequent journal submissions for researchers.
The REB had previously provided a platform for researchers to upload results from their studies to communicate the benefits of research in accordance with the TCPS2 Guidelines. This new platform simplifies the process for researchers and is another way that the REB supports researchers in promoting the ethical conduct of research. This collaboration also aligns with the library’s commitment to preserving and providing public access to research at the University of Windsor.
Quick video guides for researchers and participants are also available on the platform website. For more information or to log-into the research summary platform please visit
For more information about how the library can help disseminate your research please visit

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