Access Computing

The Academic Data Centre offers students and faculty the opportunity to reserve sessions to connect to a remote workstation and use a variety of statistical and GIS software.

Reserve a Remote Access Computer Workstation 

  • Remote access to a computer may be reserved from 7AM-12AM Monday through Sunday 
  • Users can reserve a remote workstation for up to two 2.5-hour session a day.
  • Please note: The reservation will appear to be 3 hours, but the appointment time will remain for only the first 2.5-hours of the 3-hour time slot.
ArcGIS ArcMap 10.7.1ArcGIS ArcMap 10.7.1ArcGIS ArcMap 10.7.1
Google Earth ProGoogle Earth ProGoogle Earth Pro
QGIS 3.12.0QGIS 3.12.0QGIS 3.12.0
R for Windows 4.0.2R for Windows 4.0.2R for Windows 4.0.2
RStudio 1.3.1073RStudio 1.3.1073RStudio 1.3.1073
SAS 9.4SAS 9.4SAS 9.4
SPSS Statistics 26SPSS Statistics 26SPSS Statistics 26
StataSE 15StataSE 15 
Stat/Transfer 13Stat/Transfer 13 
NVivo 12NVivo 12 
 SPSS Amos 25