Connect Blackboard to Course Resource Lists

Once you have access to your Blackboard course site you'll be able to create and submit Course Resource Lists to the Library. To get started instructors need to add the Library Resource List tool link in Blackboard. Students in your course will also access the reading list you create for them through the Tool Link.

1. Adding a Tool Link

  • From your Blackboard Course Home Page select the + button in your left main menu.
  • From the drop-down menu choose Tool Link.
  • NOTE! You can add a link to your reading list anywhere in Blackboard that you are able to add a tool-link.

Add the Library Resources Tool link in Blackboard

2. Select the Library Resource Tool Link

  • From the Type drop-down menu, select the Library Resource List option.
  • Provide it a Name that your students will see (such as Library Resources)
  • Make sure you check off “Available to Users” and select Submit
library resources link in the Tool Link Menu

3. Open Your Newly Created Course Resources Tool Link

Click your newly created tool link to start the process of submitting your list.Students will use the same link to access the reading list.Launching the library resource list from the menu

Connecting Library Resources to Blackboard Video