Problems accessing PubMed and NCBI websites on campus

Leddy Library is aware of ongoing and intermittent problems with accessing PubMed and other NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) websites on campus.

Users connecting to NCBI websites on the UWindsor network (wired & WiFi), are experiencing problems that present as: 

  • the browser cannot load NCBI webpages
  • a disruption lasting from a few minutes to a few hours
  • access to other websites is not affected

Working with the National Library of Medicine and campus Information technology Services, we are working to diagnose the underlying problem and restore reliable access.

Users who are looking to search for article abstracts as they would with PubMed, can access the same database (MEDLINE) using the Ovid interface.

Update (July 18, 2019)

Campus ITS has implemented a fix on our networking system and access to U.S. National Institutes of Health websites (such as NCBI's PubMed, BLAST, MedlinePlus, etc) should now be working without browser issues.

After much testing, we believe that there was a networking issue somewhere 'upstream' of the University of Windsor. A change to our local networking systems allows us to circumvent this problem, and in turn, should allow users on the campus networks to access the NIH websites without issue.

If there are any problems with loading the NIH websites, however, campus ITS wants to know about it. Please do not hesitate to report the problem immediately with as many details as possible. Please contact Leddy Library if you experience any problems.



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