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The Windsor Review is a long-standing journal that began in 1965, featuring both scholarship and creative writing. Published biannually by the University of Windsor Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and the Department of English and Creative Writing, the journal currently features poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and review essays. 

Over the years the journal has evolved with technology, moving from print to digital formats, yet always remained behind an access barrier.

“The problem was that the first iteration of the digital form was behind a paywall that limited access to both readers and writers who wanted to get a feel for the journal,” said Dale Jacobs, current editor of The Windsor Review. “When I came on board, the first thing I did was partner with Leddy Library so that we could be online and open access.”

Open Access publishing encourages free, unrestricted access to content for readers without barriers or fees. To facilitate the open access publishing process, The Library’s Centre for Digital Scholarship worked with The Windsor Review team streamline the process and prepare the new website, including the addition of an electronic submission function that allows writers to submit their work for publication online.

“Libraries recognize how essential Open Access is as a means to make scholarly and creative work widely accessible,” said Mita Williams, scholarly communications librarian at Leddy Library. “When scholars opt to transition their publications to an open-access framework, we are enthusiastic to work with them through this process.”

The Fall 2020 issue is now available online. Submissions are now open for the next two issues of The Windsor Review and will remain open until May 31, 2021. Upon publication, each author will receive an honorarium in the form of a gift certificate for All Lit Up: $10 per poem and $25 per piece of fiction or creative nonfiction.

“The fact that readers and writers can read the journal without it being behind a paywall is a key component as we relaunch and rebrand the journal,” said Jacobs. “We look forward to reaching a broader audience and hope to encourage new readers and writers.”​

Learn more about Open Access publishing by celebrating Open Access Week, October 19 – 25 with the Leddy Library.


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