Access to personal study rooms and computer workstations will be closed during the 4-week province wide emergency shut down beginning Monday, April 5th. Contactless Pickup and Digital Delivery will continue to be available Monday through Friday. 

Remote hours of operation are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Please refer to our homepage and Frequently Asked Questions for the latest updates on our remote services, accessing the library building, and hours of operation. Be sure to login to your account to access all of our resources from off-campus. 


Printing and Photocopying


You must pay for your printing and photocopying with a UWinCARD or guest UWin Affiliate card.

Add money to your UWinCARD either with cash or pay online. Deposit cash with the UWinCARD deposit machine on the first floor of Leddy Library, or add money at the UWinCARD website. Change is provided at the Information Desk.

Faculty wishing to purchase UWin cash against a grant number should go to the UWinCARD office. Community borrowers may purchase a UWin Affiliate Card from the UWinCARD deposit machine in the library or from the UWinCARD office in the CAW centre. The cost of this card is $2.00 which includes $1.00 worth of UWin cash on the card.

Network Laser Printing

  • all computers have the ability to send files to our network printers
  • by default your print-out will be directed to the monochrome printer in the building which you are located, although you may send to any of our four network printers
  • double-sided (or duplex printing) is set as default on all black and white printers in the Leddy Library; single side printing is available for blank and white printing but this option must be set before printing

Printing Tips

  • Printing works best when your file is saved locally to the D Drive
  • Printing from an online app in a browser may not print correctly
  • Formatting issues? Wrong characters in printout: try printing to PDF Creator amd then printing the resulting PDF file.
  • Test your printouts by printing 1 or 2 pages, do not print a large document and expect a refund if ti does not print properly.
  • Monochrome printers default to double sided printing, the colour printer defaults to single sided printing.

Printing costs

  • 7 ¢ per side for monochrome (black and white) printing
  • 24 ¢ per side for colour printing

Printer locations

  • Main Library Building, first floor: four monochrome printers and a colour printer located just east of the elevators
  • Main Library Building, basement: one monochrome printer located in the Media Centre
  • West Building, basement :  there is a monchrome printer located on the basement floor near the main group of study carrells

How to Print

  • when you are ready to print, first select the GoPrint printer that you wish to send your job to
  • to select the GOPrint printer click Print in your application and then select the GoPrint printer you would like to send your job to.
  • by default your print will be directed to the GoPrint monochrome printer in the building which you are located, although you may send to any of our four network printers
  • your job will be identified by your computer workstation's name
  • at the pay station, click the button corresponding to the workstation number from where you sent the print job
  • select the file(s) you want to print, then press the GoPrint button
  • swipe your UWinCARD through the GoPrint reader with the stripe toward the light, to deduct the cost of the print from your account
  • press the accept button to debit your account and release the print job to the printer
  • a notification message will appear with the location of the printer where your print job was sent


There are 9 photocopiers throughout the library. You must use your UwinCARD to pay for your copies.

Photocopying Costs

  • 9 cents per page for black and white
  • 26 cents per page for colour
  • 30 cents per page for microfilm and microfiche

Photocopiers locations

  • Main Building
    • Main Floor - 4 monochrome copiers and 1 colour copier
    • Basement - 2 monochrome copiers
  • West Building
    • Main Floor - 1 monochrome copier
    • Basement - 1 monochrome copier